The beginning of

One day we were making our bed and it dawned on us that we didn’t know where our doona had come from. Was it from our parents? Did they make it? Buy it? Was it older than us? How had it been chosen? Was it even good? Have doonas changed much? How long does a doona even last? And could it be better? We had heaps of questions but the biggest one was: 

Could we make it better?

Why Bonny?

Bonne nuit, it’s Good Night in French. That’s not really why we’re called Bonny, but it sounded kinda fun and fancy, don’t you think? We actually just really liked the name. That’s it. 

Bonny wants to be the best.


We did not get into the doona game to make a bad product. We’ve slept around to ensure this will be your comfiest purchase yet.


It’s 2023 and if you can’t have something delivered to your door then go home. Oh wait, you’re already there.

Commitment to Change

We’re growing, you’re growing, we’re all growing and changing. We’re committed to listen to feedback, research new innovations, and accept change, not resist it.