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How much will shipping cost?

We offer free express shipping on every order (the way it should be).

If you’ll be sleepless waiting for your Bonny delivery to arrive, you can pay a small additional fee to have your order arrive the same day (Melbourne postal addresses and select regional Victorian addresses only).

Do you offer same day shipping?

Yes. We offer same day shipping for postal addresses in Melbourne and some surrounding regional Victorian suburbs.

Same day shipping is facilitated through our delivery partner, Rendr. There is an additional charge for same day deliveries based on the distance between our Moorabbin warehouse and your location.  

How long does shipping take?

Bonny wants your doona to arrive as quickly as you do. If you’re in Melbourne (or select regional Victorian suburbs) you may select same day delivery (we know… kind of epic!). 

However, for every other order, we dispatch our packages every single weekday and we only use express shipping carriers. Typically this means orders will arrive within 2 days for Metro Melb. Other major cities will typically arrive within 2-5 days.

Do you ship internationally?

At this point we do not ship internationally (sorry!)

But! If you’re that keen on a Bonny doona (totally understandable) and would desperately like to place an order from overseas, please email us and we will see what we can do.

Magic can happen (sometimes).

How do I track my order?

Please visit our tracking page on our website and enter your order number or email.

If you select same day delivery with Rendr, they will contact you directly.

What carriers do you use?

We use AusPost and StarTrack for all express orders.

For same day delivery we use Rendr.

We think they’re great. 


Can I return my Bonny doona?

All Bonny doonas come with a free, 14 day change of mind returns policy.

To begin the return process, simply email

What is your returns policy?

If for some reason you change your mind, we’re more than happy to offer a full refund within 14 days of delivery.

Note that returned items must be in reasonable condition (that includes no tears, stains, damage etc) and will be inspected. This ensures that we can launder and donate the returned product(s) to charity. 

We’re committed to making this process easy and breezy, just like our products, so simply email

Are shipping fees covered for returns?

All Bonny returns are completely free. Change your mind and get a full refund at any time in the first 14 days after delivery. Simply email and we will send you a shipping label.

Please keep the original box and bag so that you can re-use it when shipping the doona back to us. If you no longer have your Bonny box and storage bag, you may have to pay for a satchel at the post office.

What do you do with returns?

As part of our impact initiatives, all returns are donated to GIVIT, our supporting organisation. We work with GIVIT to donate all returned doonas to those in need.

As part of this process, we pay for the returned doonas to be professionally laundered and shipped to these organisations. You can read more about this initiative and others here


What size doona should I buy?

If you've just bought a new bed, we always recommend going one size up.

For instance, if you’ve bought a queen bed, buy a king doona. Why? This looks so much better on your bed and is so much more comfortable - especially if you’re sharing the doona with someone else (no one likes a doona hog).

If you already have existing sheets (doona covers), you may want to stick to your current sizing, and that's ok too. We get it, bedding can be expensive.

Finally, if you have a King Single, please purchase a double doona. Trust us on this one. 

How do I care for my Bonny doona?

Your Bonny Doona is pretty low maintenance. It mostly wants to hug you and be hugged back.

However, for minor spills etc. a simple spot clean will suffice.

For bigger stains, Machine Wash cold with mild detergent, and include an extra rinse cycle. Finally, Tumble Dry low until thoroughly dry. Do not dry clean.

If your doona does not move in the washer or dryer, professionally launder. 

Are Bonny doonas hypoallergenic?

While down is not generally considered hypoallergenic, down allergies are in fact, very rare. In most cases, a person who exhibits allergic reactions to down may not be reacting to the down itself, but to unclean down.

At Bonny, we pride ourselves on the ethics and sustainability of our material sources, including the cleanliness of our down.

This information can be accessed via the detailed reports as part of our partnership with Track My Down. To learn more, visit our glossary page.

What are the dimensions of a Bonny doona?

Bonny Doonas have been designed to the standard Australian sizes. To find which doona is right for you, please visit our size guide.

What certifications do Bonny doonas have?

All down used in Bonny Doonas is Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified.

The RDS is a certification governed by the Textile Exchange which independently certifies down against animal welfare requirements, and tracks it from original source to the final product.

Additionally, our packaging (boxes) are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. FSC ensures that materials come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

How often do I need to buy a new Bonny doona?

A good, quality doona should last 10+ years if looked after well.

As part of our customer service obsession, we are always looking at ways to further increase a doona’s usable (sleeping) life. We are also working to provide a socially and environmentally friendly way to re-home your old doona. Find out more here.

How do you decide on your doona pricing?

As we sell and deliver directly to you (the customer) we do not have the same overheads as traditional retailers (rent, staff, etc). This means we can pass those savings onto you (because we’re nice, not greedy).

A quick Google search will show you similar quality products at sometimes double the cost compared to Bonny doonas. We don’t think you should have to pay that. We’re all about making the best and most affordable doonas on the market. Hopefully you like this too. 

Which Bonny quilt is right for me?

The All Rounder:
The All Rounder is the right doona for you if you live in a well insulated house... think aircon in summer and heating in winter. 

Our All Rounder is designed to be versatile. It is light and airy, but still has the fluffiness and snuggliness that you want for the winter months.

The Summer:
The Summer doona is ultra lightweight and breathable. It is perfect for hot nights and the summer months. This is especially important if you do not have aircon. 

It will also be a great year round choice for hotter climates and for those who sleep hot.

The Winter:
The Winter doona is designed to be extra warm, extra fluffy yet still super breathable. It is the perfect choice for cold sleepers and the colder climates.

We recommend pairing it with a Summer doona for the hot months.

Do you offer any warranties?

As per Australian Consumer Law, all Bonny Doonas have a 12 month warranty for any defects or issues not associated with standard wear and tear.

We also offer a complete change of mind 14 day return policy. We pride ourselves on obsessive customer service, so if you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email at

Is my Bonny doona easy to get into the storage bag?

Yes! Your Bonny doona fits snug as a bug in your Bonny bag. You can thank the super compressible down for that! Depending on the size of your doona, we recommend folding it in half, then thirds, then rolling it up like a sausage roll. When in doubt... shoving it in works a treat!

There may be a couple of creases once you take it out of the storage bag, but they will soften out with a few sleeps.

Where is Bonny made?

Our doonas are manufactured in China.

The reason for this is because we struggled to find a local manufacturer that fit the ethical and sustainability mould we envisioned for our business.

Our manufacturer is Responsible Down Standard certified, meaning that the down is all ethically sourced and is a by-product of the food industry.

Another reason why we ultimately opted to have our products produced in China, was because 80% of the world’s duck population is from China. If we were to produce locally, this would mean importing ducks and geese from overseas.

We have also opted for a manufacturer that has a completely traceable supply chain. Every single doona comes with a unique QR code that sends you to our supplier's propriety platform, Track My Down, allowing you to explore everything about the down inside your doona including origin, quality, ethical certifications and cleanliness.


Why does Bonny use duck down?

The short answer: so that we can give you the best quality at the most affordable price.

Generally, the larger the bird, the larger the down cluster. Consumers often (mistakenly) consider goose down products to be a better product simply because geese are a larger bird. The down contained in Bonny doonas is from a larger species of duck, providing a fill power that can rival some of the most premium goose down products.

Down vs Feathers – what’s the difference?

Down and feathers are easily and often mistaken for being the same thing, when they’re actually quite different.

While feathers have a spikey ‘quill’, down has a fluffy, cluster-like shape, made of thousands of miniature, soft, filaments (fibres) with nodes (points) that interlock with one another. When this happens, little pockets of air are trapped, resulting in the lightweight, warm and bouncy feel of a doona.

If you were to buy a doona with a high ratio of feathers to down, you’ll likely feel those little prickly bits (the quills) sticking through the outer casing. As you use the doona, the quils will start to break, and the doona will reduce in fluffiness.

Down clusters are much more resilient, meaning they’re more likely to retain their shape, even after a long period of time.

Purchasing a doona with a high ratio of down to feathers, while possibly being slightly more expensive, is a more sustainable purchase because it should last you at least 10+ years.(Less expensive in the long run). 

What makes Boony doonas ethically sourced?

All Bonny doonas are RDS certified, meaning ethical and sustainable animal welfare practices across both the feather and down supply chain.

The RDS is a certification governed by the Textile Exchange which independently certifies down against animal welfare requirements, and tracks it from original source to the final product.

At Bonny we are all about sustainability and transparency: if you are buying one of our doonas you should know exactly where the down comes from. That’s why Bonny doonas are completely traceable.

We have partnered with Track My Down, meaning every Bonny doona comes with a lot number that can be entered into the Track My Down website. This allows you to learn about the important elements of the down inside your doona – from cleanliness, content analysis, to the source. 

Re-Home (Donations)

How do I donate my old Bonny doona?

We've made it super easy to donate your old doona! Follow the steps on our Re-Home page.

What makes a doona appropriate to give away?


To donate to GIVIT, your doona should be free from stains, tears, or damage. That means no yellow splotches, no rips and definitely no hot chocolate spills. You will also need to professionally launder your doona before you donate it.


To donate to RSPCA, your doona can be in moderate or poor condition. It will be used by RSPCA for animal bedding and therefore cannot contain feathers.