Impact Mission

We believe that everyone deserves a warm and cosy sleep.

Sustainability, ethics, and impact are pretty big buzz words that our industry (and many others) like to throw around. We believe honesty is our best policy, so here’s where we’re at:

What we’re doing:

Sourcing of Ethical Materials.


We are focused on finding materials that are both sustainable and ethical.

Our super fluffy, 90% down doonas are sustainable and ethically certified as non-live plucked products, and our packaging is made from FSC certified paper with soy based inks.

Donating our Returns.

In Progress

All returns are given to those less fortunate to enjoy a comfier sleep.

As part of this process, we pay for the returned doonas to be professionally laundered and shipped to our partner organisation, GIVIT. GIVIT works with more than 4,600 support organisations, to support individuals and communities within Australia. This includes those who are recovering from an emergency event, or experiencing hardship due to circumstances such as drought, domestic and family violence, homelessness, disability, or mental health

You can read more about their initiatives here.

Minimisation of Single Use Plastic and Waste.


Everything from our product to our packaging is designed to be reused. We don’t have any single use plastic in our product.

We avoid tape, we never use poly-bags and we ensure all our packaging is easy to reuse or recycle.

What we're dreaming:

In addition to our material and supply sourcing, we’re committed to continuing and achieving the following by 2025:


In Progress

There’s no point keeping your old doona in storage, collecting dust in your cupboards, or even contributing to landfill. Everyone deserves a warm and cozy sleep, and we’re committed to facilitating it.

We offer links and resources to organisations where you can directly donate your old doona. And we’ve designed our packaging so you can re-use our original box to send it there too. Win-win.

Eventually, we’d like this to be the standard service with every Bonny doona purchase, where we’d take care of the logistics for you. Right now however, it’s really hard to donate a doona. It needs to be in good condition, and be professionally laundered. This contributes to a significant shipping cost.

We believe that with time these barriers can be overcome, and will be more feasible for us to solve at scale. We are committed to improving this service.



We’re committed to making a product that lasts with no unnecessary waste or replacements. Today, that means we have focussed on high quality materials and high quality production.

Our goal is to offer a Re-Up service to get your doona’s outer casing cleaned and the filling topped up. Our doona concierge will maximise and maintain your comfort levels throughout your doona's life.

As this will only be needed once a doona has been used for a number of years, we have decided to focus our immediate efforts in solving some of our other challenges. As we grow we will continue to look into this service and establish a viable way of offering such a service.



We are always looking to obtain global ethical certifications and research and develop additional, innovative, plastic-free packaging options.

This is a goal we are always working on. For any new products we are working on, you can rest assured and feel confident that we are striving to have the greenest product from design to packaging.

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