Summer + Winter Bundle

$598.00 AUD
$498.00 AUD

Save $100 when you buy a bundle.

We've got you covered year round. The Summer + Winter Bundle comes with our super light and airy Summer doona and our warm and snuggly Winter doona. 

Buying a bundle not only saves you cash (so you can spend more on midnight snacks, duh), but means that you'll have a perfect night's sleep, year round. Each doona comes with a compact cotton storage bag so you can easily store the doona that you're not using, without sacrificing space. Groundbreaking, we know!

  • Includes 2 doonas: 1x Summer and 1x Winter.
  • Industry topping 90% down filling.
  • RDS certified ethical down.
  • In our Summer doona: Ultra airy, 700+ Fill Power down.
  • In our Winter doona: Ultra fluffy, 800+ Fill Power down.
  • Ultra soft 400 thread count, 100% cotton casing.
  • Unique Bonny Wave stitching pattern: Never forget which way your doona goes. Finally.
  • Each doona comes with a compact, and easy to use, cotton storage bag.
  • Corner loops for easy attachment to compatible sheets.

Includes a Summer and Winter doona

90% Down, Ultra Fluffy

Ethcially Sourced & Certified

Easy Storage

Free Express Delivery

Free 14 Day Returns

Plastic Free Packaging

Obsessive Customer Service

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Summer + Winter Bundle

Save $100 when you buy a bundle.

What's included:


Perfect for
Warmer months

Lightweight and breezy

90% Duck Down

Fill Power
700 Fill Power

Fill Weight (King Size)

Thread Count
400 TC

Ethically Certified


Perfect for
Cooler months

Like a warm hug

90% Duck Down

Fill Power
800 Fill Power

Fill Weight (King Size)

Thread Count
400 TC

Ethically Certified

Because two is better than one...

Why buy two doonas?

As the seasons change so do our sleep patterns. Reduce your AC bill in the summer, and your heating bill in the winter, by sleeping with the perfect doona for your climate.

By snuggling up to a light and airy doona in the summer, and a cuddly and fluffy doona in the winter, you will always have the perfect night's sleep, no matter the forecast.

Time to make your sleep dreams a reality!

We're changing the way you store your doona.

Easy compact storage.

Say goodbye to bulky, plastic storage bags and HELLO to the cotton storage solution of your dreams.

Our super-springy-down-stuffing means your Bonny doona can compress into our ultra compact and easy to use cotton storage bag.

Simply fold and roll the doona you aren't using, stuff it in the Bonny bag, give it a goodnight kiss and store it away until the season changes.

Take your doona out of the Bonny bag a few days before you're ready to swap it over. Let it breath, give it a few shakes, and it will puff back out to its Bonny good shape.

Bonny Good Service

Free Express Shipping

Your dream doona, direct to your door. With us, you'll never pay for express shipping. We want you to be happy.

14 Day Free Returns

Sleep easy with our breezy return policy. Change your mind and get a full refund at any time in the first 14 days after delivery.

Obsessive Customer Support

Our customer support team is obsessed with pillow talk, from product questions to impact initiatives and more. We want to hear from you.

Questions, thoughts, feelings, feedback? Get in touch. 

90% Duck Down

The best, fluffiest down in the market.

Not all down is created equal. A higher fill power gives a doona more loft and warmth.

Our Winter doona, with 800+ Fill Power is desigened to be ultra warm, cozy and snuggly.

Our Summer doona, with 700+ fill power is designed to be light and airy and cooler for the warmer months.

Our 90%, ethically sourced duck down fill ensures that your doona is super breathable, with no prickly bits.

Let's make a Bonny big difference.

Ethically Sourced & Certified

We know that no material comes close to the weight to warmth ratio of down, yet we also acknowledge that as down is an animal product, it is our responsibility to provide the best quality, and most ethical source available.

The Responsible Down Standard ensures no unnecessary harm is caused throughout the supply chain. Our insulated down is certified as a non-live plucked product, originating from the food industry, and is more sustainable than plastic alternatives.

Plastic Free & Re-usable Packaging

Our doonas are delivered direct to your door within a sturdy, easy opening, reusable and recyclable FSC Certified cardboard paper box. We’re committed to Zero plastic, not even tape!

You can also use our original postage box to donate your old doona to someone else in need. It’s also a great kids’ toy - who needs actual gifts?! 

(Pats own back).

The Bonny Wave

Never forget which way your doona goes. Finally.

The unique Bonny Wave pattern was designed in Melbourne with two purposes: not only does it keep the down in place so your doona is supremely puffy and fluffy, but it also shows you the correct way to put your doona inside your sheets.

The perfect fit is when the wave pattern runs vertically down your bed. 

400 Thread Count, 100% Cotton

Ultra Soft Casing

Our doonas have a super soft, 100% cotton, 400 thread count outer casing, which is simply fancy talk for softness.

While the casing is normally covered by your sheets, you’ll still feel the difference. It has an amazing feel to snuggle into with maximum breathability.

Great Value. Everyday.

From our makers, straight to your bed. Total price transparency. No retail costs for us means you save. And that’s Bonny good. Don’t you think?

Bonny's Price

RRP $449

Traditional Retail

RRP ~$900


(Materials, Packaging, Labor, Freight)

Mark Up

(Marketing, Operating Expenses, Wages)


(Materials, Packaging, Labor, Freight)

Mark Up

(Marketing, Operating Expenses, Wages)

Retailer Cut

(Rent, Additional Operating Expenses, Additional Wages, Additional Marketing)

The Other Stuff

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Why does Bonny use duck down?

The short answer: so that we can give you the best quality at the most affordable price.

Generally, the larger the bird, the larger the down cluster. Consumers often (mistakenly) consider goose down products to be a better product simply because geese are a larger bird. The down contained in Bonny doonas is from a larger species of duck, providing a fill power that can rival some of the most premium goose down products.

What size doona should I buy?

If you've just bought a new bed, we always recommend going one size up.

For instance, if you’ve bought a queen bed, buy a king doona. Why? This looks so much better on your bed and is so much more comfortable - especially if you’re sharing the doona with someone else (no one likes a doona hog).

If you already have existing sheets (doona covers), you may want to stick to your current sizing, and that's ok too. We get it, bedding can be expensive.

Finally, if you have a King Single, please purchase a double doona. Trust us on this one. 

What do you do with your returns?

As part of our impact initiatives, all returns are donated to GIVIT, our supporting organisation. We work with GIVIT to donate all returned doonas to those in need. 

As part of this process, we pay for the returned doonas to be professionally laundered and shipped to these organisations. You can read more about this initiative and others here

How do I care for my Bonny duvet?

Your Bonny Doona is pretty low maintenance. It mostly wants to hug you and be hugged back.

However, for minor spills etc. a simple spot clean will suffice.

For bigger stains, machine wash cold with mild detergent, and include an extra rinse cycle. Finally, Tumble Dry low until thoroughly dry. Do not dry clean.

If your doona does not move in the washer or dryer, professionally launder. 

What makes Bonny duvets ethically sourced?

All Bonny doonas are RDS certified, meaning ethical and sustainable animal welfare practices across both the feather and down supply chain.

The RDS is a certification governed by the Textile Exchange which independently certifies down against animal welfare requirements, and tracks it from original source to the final product.

At Bonny we are all about sustainability and transparency: if you are buying one of our doonas you should know exactly where the down comes from. That’s why Bonny doonas are completely traceable.

We have partnered with Track My Down, meaning every Bonny doona comes with a lot number that can be entered into the Track My Down website. This allows you to learn about the important elements of the down inside your doona – from cleanliness, content analysis, to the source. 

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